Karratha Wa


What to see in Karratha and things to do.

It makes no difference whether you are in this area for employment or as a tourist, there are a multitude of attractions in Karratha that will keep you entertained and fascinated.  These encompass both natural attractions and those that are manmade.  While the Karratha region does have a challenging climate for part of the year, it is still possible to take advantage of what the surrounding countryside and town has to offer.

Everyone enjoys a meal out once in a while, and it’s nice to know that there are a number of very good restaurants in town.  These Karratha attractions combine an outing with a great meal.  The Etcetera Restaurant is located right in the Karratha International Hotel, but you need not be a guest there to dine there.  The chefs at the restaurant will provide you with just about anything you would want, from seafood to steak.  Excellent drinks are also served here to round out the meal.  If you are looking for a livelier spot to dine, try the Icon, where you will be able to order a great meal, listen to fabulous entertainment, and dance.  A taste of the exotic is ready for you at the Universal Chinese Restaurant.  Not only will you have the advantage of a great host, but you will find that the mix of traditional Chinese, and other oriental dishes creates a wonderful dinner.

what about Millstream and places liks Cossak for day trips out to as much closer than Karajini and Cossak has so much history of the region and only 1/2 hr drive from Karratha and do not even get your car dirty and easy for all ages to enjoy.

Karijini National Park (7 hour drive)
Explore a stunning system of gorges at Karijini.   Hidden in the depths of these gorges are pools to swim in and cool off after your hike.  One of the most mysterious gorges is Hancock Gorge, but it would be advisable to use a guide when visiting this gorge, which is very deep and must be accessed by ladder.  You can walk through narrow rock chambers and see the lovely pools.  If you enjoy rugged geological formations Karijini is the place for you.  Do not miss Oxer Lookout, which lets you view four gorges and most the park from the observation deck. 

Day Trip ideas

- Millstream Chichester National Park - Two hours  from Karratha

- Cossak (1/2 hour drive from Karratha) and easy for all ages to enjoy.

One of the best ways to come to appreciate the attractions in the Karratha area is by taking a tour (bus tours available during tourist times).  Which can provide you with an opportunity to see sights you might have missed otherwise.  Those who are interested in fishing, coastal attractions, or scuba diving can take a boat tour on a chartered motor boat.